Happy Mothers’ day or Mothering Sunday! well, which one should be it? Is there any difference between both?

That depends on who you ask.

You see in in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), today March 26th is Mothers’ day but in the US and much of Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc), it will be in the second Sunday in may which will be May 14th (also a Sunday)this year

Some say Mothering Sunday is an Americanization of Mothers’ day, which back in the ages was a day for those who worked for others like servants or apprentices were given leave to worship at their mother church (i.e. hometown church).

But in this parts I think we mark both dates to celebrate these wonderful women in our lives. Our mothers deserve double! they can make or break a person.

Hurray to mothers!

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May your days be long and filled with happiness.


aCalabar girlBecause I will not wait till I have 10 posts as I intended!

So…I was going through Facebook (without liking, commenting or posting… who does that!) and I noticed that 70% of posts were about “exclusion and inclusion”.

Example 1: If a person doesn’t know NEPA, is that person a Nigerian? (Exclusive)

Example 2: You know you are Nigerian when your mother asks you to bring her purse that is beside her while you are upstairs (Inclusive)

In the spirit of the game, include and exclude below in the comments…