I’ve been meaning to review the 7th edition of The Bridge Leadership Foundation career day, with the theme: Made In Nigeria: Local Production, Global Market, but then time and chance was yet to happen to me. Anyways, I decided to throw of the formality of the whole thing and just put together a few things... Continue Reading →

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A half-hearted approach A half-hearted approach in life... A half-hearted approach to God A half-hearted approach in career A half-hearted approach in family A half-hearted approach in everything! In all this, we'll reap a half-hearted response in all things. Anything worth doing is worth doing well Any endeavor worth embarking on is worth a chance... Continue Reading →

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Beat The Stereotype!

HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! and fool no one! Exactly one of the reasons why this blog was created was to beat the Calabar girl stereotype. A Calabar girl is not promiscuous. This is like the major stereotype trailing Calabar people and not just females. A Calabar girl is eme! (efik for a gem) A Calabar girl... Continue Reading →

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Happy Mothers' day or Mothering Sunday! well, which one should be it? Is there any difference between both? That depends on who you ask. You see in in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), today March 26th is Mothers' day but in the US and much of Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc),... Continue Reading →

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