HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! and fool no one!

Exactly one of the reasons why this blog was created was to beat the Calabar girl stereotype.

A Calabar girl is not promiscuous. This is like the major stereotype trailing Calabar people and not just females.

A Calabar girl is eme! (efik for a gem)

A Calabar girl is beautiful (duh! everyone knows that)

A Calabar girl is humble yet strong!

There are a lot of other stereotypes that label people based on their tribes, their families, their appearances etc, but the thing about stereotypes is that it assumes the “one size fits all” which is often always not true. we are all different in different ways and therefore we shouldn’t let wrong stereotypes influence us to act according to them.

This post should have come as a follow up of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) event of Friday but unfortunately I missed it (Unavoidable Family Function) and I promise to try my beat to never let this happen again! but one obvious theme from the event was about beating this negative Calabar girl stereotypeCALABR4HER

It is our responsibility as Calabar girls to beat negative stereotypes about us and create better ones and help others live up to them. we owe it to ourselves and to the generations yet to come.

No matter the type of stereotype labeling you, whether you are a Calabar girl or not…Beat The Stereotype!


A Calabar Girl!


4 thoughts on “Beat The Stereotype!

  1. I am just seeing this post interestingly, nice one dear, my name is Omosele Aaron, the convener of the YALI event, please follow @calabar4her on instagram, am releasing a short video on the stereotype issue soonest…


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